Mystic Of Your Mind

They asked who I was, so I told them
I am the power
The Light
I can make the sunset and the moon rise
The every beat of your heart is my command
The words of the insane
The world of chaos
Both within the gentle grasp of my reach
I’m the dawn of a new day
The tragedy of the night
The howls of the wolves that will be forever forgotten
It’s the fear of the soul and the darkness that guides me
Forever, good and evil will live inside my heart
The constant battle, time never of the essence
To see who reigns and wins the power
Seemingly only to amuse myself, never terrifying
I dwell within the shadows,
I live on the faintest whisper
I cherish the call of the eagle, respond to the call of the wild
The splendor of surprise lives inside me
I hold a gift, a pure rare gift
One would it magic
I call it sacred
The beauty of dancing flames reflected in my eyes
I told them my name was Mystic
Beauty within the night
I am and forever shall be a mystery

Written by Tammy Lee

April 2, 2002

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