Darkened Dweller

I brought war to peace

I am the reason angels have fallen

I live in the shadows, I’m the one callin’

The nightmare to your mind

The dreams of the insane

It’s all because of me, so hear my pleas

Together, held tight

I hold both good and evil

The pure and true words of your demons

I’m like that of an innocent, with a fragile mind

So young, so old, so lost in time

Gazes set upon you that could see to your soul

Your hands warm, your breath cold

It’s all of true nature, let it unfold

The glint in the eye

The scoff in the word

You won’t judge a book by its’ cover

But you ‘ll take a blind man’s word

It’s all these thoughts, put together

That make up me

The Darkened Dweller

Written by Tammy Lee

June 4, 2002

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