Beautiful Eyes

Sometimes the feeling you try the hardest to avoid,

end up being the ones you cannot ignore

What if you don’t want a repeat of the hurt you’ve felt before,

but that one person that makes your heart jump?

Something happens and the doubt is gone as if the heart was never torn.

Is it possible to start back at square one?

The days are great that begin with a smile,

but what about the nights that begin with a lonely pillow?

The nights there is no comfort, and they’re not there to hold you tight?

Will the laughs outweigh the fights?

Does a smile erase a cry?

The good times have to be more memorable than the bad night

Will you continue in amazement of what you have or still long for the

opportunities you think you could have had?

Will the color of my eyes ever fade in your mind?

Will you ever say goodbye to these baby blues?

Written by Tammy Lee

July 14, 2007

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