The definition of true love.

It doesn’t exist.

I know I just made you roll your eyes, stare in disbelief, or you might have even pursed your lips for retaliation. But it is the truth. There isn’t a definition for true love because that definition can change for every person, every culture, every couple, every belief.

I can tell you, in my own opinion what it does not mean…

It doesn’t mean becoming a doormat to your own opinions, thoughts, needs or wants. It doesn’t mean letting your partner make all the decisions in your life and relationship.

Self reflect. All those things you expect out of your partner without saying something. Those things he/she should just “magically know”, are you putting in effort to communicate those needs? Have you helped them become better in their life, their work? Have you helped mentally and emotionally stimulate them to find the best version of themselves? Have you put in effort to be the best version of yourself? Being in a relationship isn’t about rolling out a big red carpet and having everything handed to you. It doesn’t come automatically with complete trust, faith, and never-ending love. Earn it. Being in love with someone is a choice. But don’t forget, it is their choice also. You should never stop trying to earn their heart.

Just don’t lose sight of why we are all in this in the first place. True love and understanding is a primal connection that we all crave.

We all desire love that extends beyond the heart. The kind we can feel in our soul and it gives direction to the storm that rages inside of us.

I don’t want to put out the storm in my significant other. I want to help him fall in love with it. I don’t want him to take my feisty edge away, I want him to help me control it and fall in love with it.

Written by Tammy Lee

March 16, 2016


True Relationship

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