Over the last few weeks I’ve realized that perhaps my focus hasn’t quite been where it should be. As a general people-pleaser, I find myself focused more on everyone else than myself. This can be a great thing. It can be a strong asset to have. Unless you find yourself in a situation where you need to focus on yourself or when you have no one focusing on you. You have to either have reciprocation or you have to be the one focused on you.

I’ve decided to focus on who I want to be. Not at the core. I know who she is. But who do I want to be when I wake up in the morning and venture out into the new day? How do I want to be described when I leave the room or am seen walking down the street? I can change this person daily, based on circumstances, mood, and situations…and that is quite the best part, isn’t it? To be so sure of yourself that you can be whoever you want to be and fall back at night in the safety of your home and become yourself again.

My focus is slowly getting exactly where it needs to be. On me. On making the woman in me better than she already is. Getting back to the roots of why I push forward every day. I am falling in love with myself again…finally…and it is amazing. If you don’t love yourself, how the hell is someone else supposed to love you?

I refuse to let myself fall any further than I have, to be scared, timid, or balancing in the shadows of who I am and who everyone around me wants me to be. No one knows what is best for me except for me. I am strong and I will stand tall.

Skin, sun-kissed and radiant.

Shoulders back.

Back straight.

Head held high.

High heels haunting against the ground.

I may not be perfection but I am perfect at being me and who I am becoming again.

You are not perfection, however you are perfect at being you and all your imperfections are not flaws, they are the personality of your soul. The knowledge, wisdom, and memories over the thousands of years and thousands of lives your soul has experienced. If you allow yourself, you can be exactly who you were meant to be. Be who your soul beckons you to be. Be you.

Written by Tammy Layton

April 26, 2016


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