Accepting All Of Me

Accept me for all that I am or do not entangle your life within mine. 

This is true for all my family, friends, and those who I have yet to cross paths with. Accept me for my success, my failures, my strengths, and my weaknesses. 

I cuss, I smoke, I drink. 

I love hard and passionately when I find someone that deserves it. I can give my all or I can give nothing but I don’t have an in-between and I don’t know how to be anything else once I make that decision to let someone in completely. Either catch me or don’t let me fall. I don’t let go easily. 

I will fight my battles silently until there is no more fight within me. I won’t ever outright ask for help. 

I can’t send a message of any nature without sending a book. I need consistent communication. 

I will defend my close friends as I would my own blood. 

I have bad habits. I bite my finger nails and I refuse to use sun block. I over think many situations. 

I adore doing things for people like cooking and cleaning and surprising them with random goody bags. 

I like to be productive. 

I will never like my thighs. 

I hate talking on the phone (unless you are my mom). 

I have an extreme fear of failure or not being good enough in any aspect of life, love, or business. 

I will bend over backwards for anyone that I love and always put myself last. 

I believe in true friendship. I don’t believe in using people, for anything. I believe in fighting for what you want and earning what you have. I believe in classic mutual respect. 

Accept all of me. Or do not engage within my life.

Written by Tammy Layton
May 13, 2016

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