Stop trying to change the world

Stop trying to change the world.

Wait…what? Yea, you heard me. Stop. Stop thinking that you either have to make an impact the size of a county, state, country, or even the world. Are there people out there that entice nation wide movements, change, and make headlines? Of course! But it wasn’t their first attempt and it probably damn sure wasn’t their second. Set one goal, achieve it, and set a bigger one.

People think that they have to help hundreds or thousands of people, that they have to make a difference to crowds. If they can’t be a better person for a large quantity of people that they shouldn’t even bother.

Do yourself a favor. Before you go to bed tonight, decide who you are going to be a better person for tomorrow. Make a difference in someone’s life for the better but choose just one person. It could be your parents, your kid(s), your significant other, someone you have wronged in the past or someone you want to appreciate in the future. Hell, it could even be your pet – they deserve for you to be a better person so they are better taken care of, right?

Once you have positively impacted their life, pick someone else and ADD it to your list. A year from now you will have impacted 5, 10, maybe 50 people. Maybe less. Maybe more. But if everyone did that….can you imagine where we would be? We would be back to appreciating each other, knowing our neighbors, trusting our teachers, and being kind to one another. Why do we have to “upgrade” each generation to a new line of thinking, perspective, and way of life? Let’s go backwards to when humanity still existed.

Stop waiting for a reason to be better tomorrow. Stop making excuses for the person you were yesterday. No one accomplished great feats in a day. Give yourself time, room to make mistakes, and support to be better. We always wait around for someone else to support us, approve our goals, applaud our dreams. Support yourself. Stop waiting on someone or something else and stop the ideological thinking that being a better you for one person has less value than being a better person for a crowd.

Written by Tammy Lee
June 17, 2016

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