Corporate Cowgirl Boots

I’m a country girl at heart, caught up in love for the smell of the beach, the feel of the night lights. My feet weren’t rooted in Southern air but they’ve walked the ground long enough. My Northern acres have given me enough to know what home will feel like.

Catch me by day in pencil skirts and pearls. Once the clock is punched, its boots and a mean left hook. If you asked what I dreamt about it…I’d tell you I’m living a country video, don’t you see?

I miss the back roads, I ache for gravel instead of black top under my feet. My lips drink sweet tea but they’re thirsty for beer and the burn of shine. I miss the simplicity. I miss the sound of silence on the back porch, the rustling of leaves. You could almost hear the clouds and you could count all the stars.

Stilettos, pearls, corporate appeal… That isn’t me. It’s what I do. Let me trade it in for a hat and some boots. Let me trade it in for the feeling you get every time you watch any country video and listen to any country song. Give me real…

Take me for a ride in a truck…leave the limo for some other snob.

Let’s make a homemade slip n slide in the back yard

I want to gather round a bonfire will all my friends, loud music and guitars

Rowdy and reckless, let’s take those shots in our down-home bar, dodge a swing or two

Let’s go to a country concert and let loose

Put me on the back of Harley and let’s ride

Don’t tame me…let me fly.

Let’s dance in the rain, get covered in mud

I want a life where the doors don’t have to be locked and the windows are always open. Friends can show up unannounced. I want genuine laughter, hard work, and memories. I want the rocking chair on the front porch and the kids playing in the yard. I want to drink coffee with my mom while stealing all her great advice. I want to be the place that everyone wants to be…I want impromptu tail gate parties and days where we forget our age. I want to appreciate the sunset and watch the sunrise. I want to read a book in the middle of a field and I want dolled up to be a sight.

My dreams are a country video don’t you see?


One day everyone should watch the videos in silence, listen to the song without the video. Take a moment to appreciate one without the other and then put them together. What does country feel for you?


Written by Tammy Layton

August 4, 2016

How Country Feels – Randy Houser 

Small Town Saturday Night – Hal Ketchum

Country must be country wide -Brantley Gilbert

Redneck Woman – Gretchen Wilson

Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean

Brantley Gilbert – Kick it in the sticks

Small town throwdown – Brantley Gilbert


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