More than a bucket list

So…we have this crazy trend now of everyone creating bucket lists and goals.

At first, I didn’t quite understand the point and as stubborn as I am, I may have silently refused to create one.

I am allowed to change my mind though and after some thorough thinking, I realized how cool a bucket list can be. Do I think most people are going to actually do all the items on their bucket list? Nope. Do I think I am going to do all the goals on bucket list? Absolutely not. Mainly because most of the goals are outside of my means. I am okay with that. But I realize now that a bucket list is so much more than a bucket list.

As I started creating my bucket list, I realized what kind of person I was. What I really find interesting, limits/fears I didn’t know I had, the kind of person I want to be, what is important to me and what I have no interest in. I think I’ve learned more about what I don’t want to put on my bucket list…than what I have put on it so far.

I don’t have many items but I have included mine below. Not really because you care, but because if I at least put it in my blog, I’ll be able to find it later 🙂

  1. Zorbing in New Zealand
  2. Hot air balloon ride
  3. Piano lessons
  4. Learn to line dance Done 2017
  5. Get scuba diving certified
  6. Ballroom dance lessons
  7. Go on a cruise
  8. Visit Ireland and drink in a real Irish pub – Done. New Years Eve 2017/2018!
  9. Visit Italy and spend an afternoon in a vineyard
  10. Shopping in Paris
  11. People watching in New York
  12. Trip to Australia
  13. Gondola ride in Venice
  14. Volunteer abroad
  15. Go snow skiing and stay in a ski lodge/cabin
  16. Publish a writing – Done 2003
  17. Visit every state in the US
  18. Do not eat fast food for minimum of 30 days
  19. Drive a dune buggy across the desert
  20. Attend a hockey game for my dad – Done 3/4/2017
  21. Travel cross-country on a train
  22. Attend a masquerade ball
  23. Unplug from technology for an entire weekend
  24. Get a full back tattoo –
  25. No soda for 30 days
  26. Learn to paint a piece of artwork – Done 4/7/2016
  27. Take a road trip – Just me and my dog and stay in random small towns
  28. Stay on an Indian reservation
  29. Own condo
  30. Monster Truck Jam – Done 3/11/2017
  31. Own my own house – Done 12/28/2016
  32. Learn how to drive a standard
  33. Quit smoking for at least 7 days.
  34. Quit smoking for at least 30 days.
  35. Go skydiving
  36. Go hunting – Maybe actually even get an animal!

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