One Facebook addict to another

Can’t we just live in a world where social media, cell phones, endless alternative messaging apps, snap chat, twitter, FB, instagram, etc don’t exist? Wasn’t it so much simpler before we had those things? We were more involved, more active, less stressed, less worried, less pessimistic. Can’t we go back to be being carefree and not tempted by the evils of sedentary lifestyles and thinking the next thing is always going to be better? We knew the real side of our friends, our families, our significant others because we had them real, raw, and in the flesh before us instead of hiding behind the bullshit of modern conveniences. We could spot fake people and stayed away from them because you could spot those people a mile away. We settled things like adults, with fists, tears, or hugs instead of cyber bullying and idle threats. I am anything but idle. And we didn’t call the cops and file lawsuits or cry to mommy. We had thick skin and morals. Standards. We had fucking consequences for our actions when we ran our mouths or picked on people or bowed up on someone bigger than us. Is anyone being put in their place anymore? That’s how we got these self-righteous, lazy millenials everyone is so pissed off at or embarrassed by but we are doing nothing to fix it!?! Tide pods aren’t going to rid them all.

Value you what you have, who you have, and how you spend your time.  Fuck the notion that the grass is greener on the other side in any aspect, the next person will be better, or the next phone will be  $400 too expensive but you can’t live without it. When the hell did we start putting more value and appreciation into strangers and materials instead of our loved ones?

I am an offender. I can rant all day long but at the end of the day, I’ve spent at least some part of the day zoned out on FB and stalking my 3rd grade best friend or a random telephone number. Why? Because I’m nosey just like everyone else because the ability to be that way is at my fingertips. What are we doing to ourselves!?!?!

And the worst part… we all are enablers but none of us are resistors. Could I delete my FB and move on with my life and go back to being blissfully ignorant to problems of people I hardly know? Of course. But I can’t do it until those close to me do it, and they can’t do it until the people important to them do it, etc, etc. We live in a world were best friends don’t call each other with good or bad news, they expect you to see their post about it. We don’t attend the social gatherings like we used to because  we can just stay caught up on someones life from their news feed. Now your equal to a stranger? Why are we putting our entire lives on display for a majority of people we don’t even give a shit about? We are giving ammo to haters, cheaters, liars, drama queens, and bullies. We can’t change those people but why are we making it easier for our lives to be influenced by people we wouldn’t even normally have ever met? We are making it easier for friends to be flakes and best friends absolutely non-existent.

Do you even know the last time you actually hurt someone’s feelings? Probably not because the conversations aren’t in person or in phone calls anymore. Those in my life have no idea.

As a society, the number of people on anti-depressant and/anxiety medication is on the rise. Why do you think that Is? It’s fucking self-induced by staring all day at someone else’s “perfect life” and thinking you’re not up to par. Newsflash: Their life isn’t perfect and yours doesn’t have to be to be happy.  It’s self induced anxiety by being able to relive moments or memories at the touch of a click that you didn’t ask for. Its seeing that friend that hurt your feelings, the person you want to brawl, or someone you love that isn’t part of your life anymore.

We are doing it to ourselves. We choose these avenues of interaction more and more over being outdoors, sunlight, real intimacy, devotion, physical games [WTH happened to red rover!?], getting to know people, random house visits, all the things that made us feel productive and worth something. How are we all not depressed!?! Get. It. Together. Everyone.

I think I might need a weekend of no technology.  Lol.


Another FB addict

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