Balance Is Power. Balance is a gift.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland – Breathtaking journey in January 2018

Among the life that walks amongst this earth, if you are lucky, you will be one of the few destined to find someone, some place, or some experience, that both puts awe and fear straight into the depths of your conscience.

Not your heart, dear one. Fear and awe of the heart is but an emotion, a reaction, a single phase that can be whispered from your mind as soon as you have put distance from your circumstances.


You must feel the exquisite, consuming, awe and fear within the narrows of your conscience and into the complicated mess of your soul.

Those people. Those places. Those sights. Those experiences. Those are the ones that change you. Those are the ones that keep you alive. That allow you to live. That keep you from being just a wasted shell of your potential. If you do it correctly, those undefinable moments where you have such a colliding contradiction of emotion that it leaves you at a calm, it can drive you to be the person you were meant to be.

Is it possible to be put in to a position where you feel absolutely ferocious, unstoppable, and humbled at the same time? It is. And it is victorious.

Imagine standing about the edge of a cliff. The lapping of the ocean waves yards below your feet. The lush blades of grass licking at your feet and stretching for miles behind you. Baby blue skies to go on farther than you’d ever wish to explore. The world has way of making you feel so small when you remove the sky scrapers and concrete jungles, the cars and the noise. Imagine finding that moment of serenity, of peace, that you are but one small person in a world that could consume you. And then you turn around…

Perhaps you see one person. Two. A hundred. How greedy are you? How many people do you see at your beckoning for your every whim? That moment when it only takes one person so subservient to bow at your feet and your ferocity returns.

Imagine the feeling of awe and fear as the world trembles with you. To know and have felt the side of both strength and weakness. To never abuse either or be condemned to a rule that you didn’t deserve. To always be in balance.

Doesn’t everyone search for that? For both? For balance?

Do most people find it in the aforementioned manner? Hardly. But that feeling can be sought for, found, and embraced if you know what you want from life. If you allow yourself to have the experiences, make the choices, and be who you really are.

Written by Tammy Lee


Sacrifice is necessary to have what you want. Otherwise what you want will become the sacrifice

– Author Unknown

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