Woke Up In A Mood

I woke up this morning in a mood.

I woke up this morning and decided that mood would be a great one. I got dressed in my closet without a mirror. I did my hair simple. I put on my makeup. I picked out my jewelry based on what I wanted to wear, not what was best for my outfit.

Then I put on my lipstick. I love lipstick though I do not wear it often.

And then I finally walked over to the full length mirror and before I looked into the reflection staring back at me… I put myself in a mood.

I put myself in the mood that I wanted to be in and decided before I looked up that what I had on, what I looked like…that it was exactly how I wanted it to look and that I met my own standards.

I decided that I liked my outfit before I saw it.

I decided that I liked the way I LOOKED in my outfit before I saw it. For ya’ll that know me, we all know that is a big one. I’m notorious for trying the whole closet on for each event.

And today, I have been comfortable. I have been comfortable in these clothes, in my own skin. I have been able to focus and think about everything except for what I look like.

I’m not worried about how my clothes are fitting me, how I look to others, if my face is oily or shiny. I don’t care because I chose not to be self-conscience today. I fought hard this morning to just say…”F*** it.”

Life is about perspective.

When you wake up, make the decision that your day is going to be fantastic and tell the rest of the world to go to hell.

Be in a mood.

Be in the mood you want to be in.

Be you.

#UnrefinedLifeAdventures #ProudOfWhoIAm #BeNiceToYourself #LiftYourselfUp #BeYourBestFriend

The only person you are stuck with forever is yourself. Make damn sure that you like you!

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