Midnight Run

Last night.
The rain poured, lightening flashed across the sky…
It was beautifully chaotic and powerful, yet remained so in control of itself, of everything that surrounded it.
She waited, she waited to hear the piercing crack against the darkness yet it was forever kept from her ear drum.
Not tonight, dear one. Not tonight would the skies open up to flood the lands. Not tonight.
She took her moment, her chance to relish in the lingering mood of the evening before it left yet again.
The soft sprinkles that dared to hit upon the ground.
Soles hit the pavement with no depth, one after the other.
Focused. Determined. Free.
The sound of her breathing echoed above the music blasting in her ears.
Every heave and slow exhale erased the world around her.
With every star that came in to view, another house disappeared.
The song was merely background noise.
Her mind fell silent. Her world became perfectly still.
The muscles tensed up her calf, tension pouring into her hip, throbbing in to her waist.
She pushed on.
Every rapid pulse waking her up. Reminding her she was alive.
It was time to live.
It was time to regain grasp on her.
She became the only person and even then, did she barely exist to herself; Bathing in the freedom to just be.
No obligations. No expectations. No conscience. No concerns. Nothing to value. No one to put before herself. No goals. No five year plans. No responsibilities. No joy. No grievances.
Only dreams.
Only the visions of who she really is, what she is meant for. Elaborate dreams just always out of reach.
There was a softness to her existence. Listen hard, you’ll barely know she is there.
Running circles in a square.
Watch quickly, you’ll begin to see her fade.
Flesh hot to the touch, moisture resting upon the skin.
Those footsteps fall to a leisurely pace.
Until next time.
Until she can dance in the rain, she will soothingly run through the storm.


Written by: Tammy Lee


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