Always More Than Yesterday

She gets lost along the outline of the sunset
How it fades away to the contours of the darkness
The glowing of the moon
She embraces how differently the air smells air within the dead of night
The cool wind caresses gently
The world is softer, her world is calmer

She gets lost in the events of the day
Always giving way to the dreams of a restless night
How odd life seems to be when she wakes
Was it a dream?
What is real? What is fake?
She can’t remember what she was trying to scream

The woman gets lost within the dreams of a girl
As if she had the world left so readily before her
All the time in the world to make it what she always thought she would
How life would be at her feet and she’d always be one step further

Lost within the realms of every person she thought she would always be
Lost within her, she grasps the edges of what makes her beat
Wishes of a poet
Love of a warrior
Dreams of a traveler
Passions of an untainted soul

She gets lost along the outline of the sunset
Gathering herself every morning, rising with the sun
She’s everything she was yesterday
And even more today

Written by Tammy Lee
July 29th, 2018


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