Easy is boring.

The life I live is not perfect, I have never asked for it to be.
The life I live is perfect for me, in every way.
It is chaotic and messy.
It is like falling up a flight of stairs and falling into the arms of your love at the same time.
One day, one week, one month, may be a blur.
Yet the rest of the days may be so calm it is disorienting.
Always calm before my beloved storms.
But it is full of love and respect.
It is full of good humans.
A good man.
It defines “blood is not always thicker than water”.
My life is not perfect.
I wouldn’t be fit for a perfect life.
But I am lovingly, adoringly, perfectly fit for my life.
Circumstances and situations will change, they do change.
The pillars that shape and hold it, that make my life what it is will never change.
My life is not perfect.
It is all mine.

Tammy Lee

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