Quarantine Madness and Quarantine “Resolutions”?

I’m not here to talk about Covid-19, politics, or whether or not I agree with the hysteria, bulk stocking, or reasons behind quarantine and social distancing.

BUT… I am playing this fun little quarantine game with myself of “Quarantine Resolutions.” Similar to the “New Year’s Resolutions” everyone makes for themselves.

What does that mean? Basically, I am going STIR CRAZY and have resorted to bribing MYSELF to be a healthy adult since the gyms are closed and I have no reason to get out of bed before 9:00am. Why 9:00am? Because my dog gets hangry just like I do.

What are your Quarantine Resolutions?

I’ve made negotiations/bribes with myself such as…

  1. I cannot have an adult beverage unless I have run with the dog or taken the dog for a walk that day.
  2. I have challenged myself to take advantage of the fact that rarely is anyone seeing me out and about so that means I can give my hair a break from heated styling tools. No hair dryer, curling wand, straightener, extra product in my hair…let’s try and get it strong and healthy and just give it a break to repair itself.
  3. See # 2 – In conjunction with that, it’s a great time to get your hair used to not being washed every.single.day. It’s so bad for your hair, Ladies! I can go about 2-3 days. I’m going to take this time to try and get to 5 or 6. I might have to utilize dry shampoo.
  4. I’ve neglected writing in my own personal journal and on Unrefined Life Adventures. I’m going to try to make an entry at least 3 times per week. Total. So that could mean, one entry to my personal journal and two to ULA.
  5. READ MORE. Like actual books. Physical, flipping the pages, loving the smell, books.
    • I don’t know about you, but I’ve been sucked back into Candy Crush like there isn’t any tomorrow (well, I mean, what day is it anymore? It doesn’t matter), Words with Friends, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Let’s hear your Quarantine Resolutions!

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