Non-New Year’s Resolution

2020 has been hard. For everyone.

I think the majority of us are eager to see it go and are slightly concerned about what 2021 will bring us.

Because of this, I feel drawn to what my “non-New Year’s Resolution” for 2018 was. The same goal that I have for myself every day, every year.

I’ve decided I’m not doing a specific New Years Resolution. No one ever keeps to them anyway. Instead, I want a goal. A goal that I can still strive for even if I drop the ball or have a bad day. My goal for 2021 and beyond is just to be a better version of myself. To continue to strive to be better in all aspects, to embrace today and tomorrow and to stop letting yesterdays be my compass.

That means being a better friend. An even better significant other. A better daughter. More forgiving. More patient. More ambitious and driven. That means becoming healthier, more physically active, and eating less crap. That means being a better dog owner. That means being more considerate and less judgemental. Finding more peace. Embracing love and turning my back to drama. That means helping those around me.

Most importantly, that means lending a helping hand or positive perspective even in my darkest hours, even when it isn’t appreciated or acknowledged. That means living my life (not just 2021) with goodness in my heart and without the need or want for “thank yous.” That means choosing to be an optimistic realist [I’m not naive, come on now lol] instead of letting plans that don’t go perfectly or a bad mood ruin my day or my week or my moment.

My Non-New Years Resolution is to continue to embrace life and love and to continue to strive for personal growth without standards, limitations or expectations. I just want to be all I’m capable of.

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