About Tammy Lee

I know that most people start out with an introduction of themselves on any social media site, blog, Facebook, lifestyle profile, etc. and it’s always the same thing: Age, gender, employment status, location, bullet points of hobbies, etc. I could sit here and tell you all the normal things about myself that you ask within the first 3 minutes of those socially awkward introductions when you meet someone. But…I won’t introduce myself like that because quite frankly, it’s boring. I barely remember someone’s name until I meet them for the third time. Make an impression first! Give me a reason to remember you – be funny, say something stupid, do something out of the ordinary, give off spunk, something, anything, other than the rehearsed bio.
For the purpose of this blog and for myself, we aren’t here to figure out who I am on the outside and who the strangers within my every day life see. We are here to allow the ramblings of a woman to be expressed and heard in unrefined and raw manner. If you are easily offended, sensitive, or close minded, I urge you to stay away from the ‘Follow Me’ button. If you are looking for entertainment, inspiration, or merely just honest opinions of a woman who has both everything in the world to be thankful for and the scars where life repeatedly tried to break her, then please….follow me. Leave me comments. Like the posts. Give me reasons to keep writing and I’ll keep giving you reasons to read.
The first crucial thing while you are reading these rants, trials, tribulations, knowledge [well, I think I’m smart at least], and very long self reflections is that you are understanding of a few things.
  1. I love to write. Leather journals and flowing ink. I love typing. I love putting my thoughts down because I AM one of those socially awkward individuals that can never seem to put their thoughts or emotions into a verbal sentence. So prepare for lengthy reads. I hope you enjoy them. I don’t like to hear myself talk….but I do love to read what I have written.
  2. I enjoy comments, banter, encouragement, constructive criticism and I LOVE debates. However, I will not tolerate rude judgment of myself or others just because you want to be a negative Nancy or because you need to be mean to make yourself feel better. Mosey on elsewhere.
If I haven’t bored you already…stick around and follow me along this journey. I can guarantee you one thing, it will be interesting, open, and honest.
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