Slipping and Sliding

A true story dedicated to my sister, Tara, in remembrance of a time that was so much simpler than the moments that life has now grown to be. Heavy boots sunk deep into the winter's first snow as my sister and I trudged our way through the ten acres of yard behind our home. Frostbite was … Continue reading Slipping and Sliding

Love is hiding deviled eggs

Isn't it so easy to get stuck on the idea of perfect? So many people search for the perfect house or perfect car. They want perfect hair or perfect skin. They think there is this end-all-be-all perfect person out there. The truth? Nothing will ever be perfect and no one will ever be perfect. I … Continue reading Love is hiding deviled eggs

The On/Off Switch

The On/Off switch is a method of survival where an individual.... okay let's not beat around the bush. I don't know who else has an emotional and mental on/off switch but I certainly do. Some people refer to it as the "nothing box" but I don't think it is the same thing. Usually you have … Continue reading The On/Off Switch

More than a bucket list

So...we have this crazy trend now of everyone creating bucket lists and goals. At first, I didn't quite understand the point and as stubborn as I am, I may have silently refused to create one. I am allowed to change my mind though and after some thorough thinking, I realized how cool a bucket list … Continue reading More than a bucket list

Who I Am

And then there was one... back to square one.  The beginning. A full circle I took, the long way around. But I don't feel like I am starting over. I don't feel like I went two steps forward and one step back. I feel like I finally cut the strings and am no longer a … Continue reading Who I Am

It took two hearts

Humor me with your ears while you read: Song of the caged bird by Lindsay Stirling It took two hearts to create her own. It took two individuals day in and day out to show and teach her the ways of the world, the good and bad in life, lessons, praise, and support. She had … Continue reading It took two hearts

Corporate Cowgirl Boots

I'm a country girl at heart, caught up in love for the smell of the beach, the feel of the night lights. My feet weren't rooted in Southern air but they've walked the ground long enough. My Northern acres have given me enough to know what home will feel like. Catch me by day in … Continue reading Corporate Cowgirl Boots

Start growing up instead of just growing older

So here's the thing.  I am not a cop-out nor ever will be and I sure as hell don't blame the world on my problems. I believe everything happens for a reason. I don't believe in putting yourself back in the same situation and expecting a different outcome.  I am broken. I am working my … Continue reading Start growing up instead of just growing older

The other side of the reflection

I am the reflection. We have all done it. We have all leaned ourselves against the bathroom counter, hands gripping the edge of the sink. We bent over at the waist to get as close as we could to the bathroom mirror and probably asked out loud..." Who the hell am I? Where the hell … Continue reading The other side of the reflection

An Altered Reality

Such a noisy thing, silence can be. It overwhelms the mind and it's a mild cause for ice blue hues to glance around in a nervous manner. It was the quickening of my heart, to pump so hard in a failed attempt. I knew what was coming next. I wouldn't survive. I wouldn't move on. … Continue reading An Altered Reality