Together They Have No Flaws

By themselves, they each may be flawedBut together, they are perfectShe watches him from across the roomMundane tasks he accomplishesShe smilesLife naturally comes with just as many reasons to smile as to cryIt’s their life together that makes everything worth itDays will come and goUnpredictable, always changingBut always exactly where they are meant to beWhere … Continue reading Together They Have No Flaws

You Linger

You linger. You linger among my thoughts A memory that travels throughout my days Tomorrow always brighter, the evening always darker Even the pain is a sweet reminder, the pleasure always greater You linger as your cologne does, fighting to hold on to the last strand of your old shirt That gaze of yours so … Continue reading You Linger

Easy is boring.

The life I live is not perfect, I have never asked for it to be.The life I live is perfect for me, in every way. It is chaotic and messy.It is like falling up a flight of stairs and falling into the arms of your love at the same time.One day, one week, one month, … Continue reading Easy is boring.


It is never just a flower.It is a gesture.A feeling.A reason to smile that you give her when you can’t be near.It isn’t just a flower, never was, never will be.She sees this fine line of frailty and strength.They can withstand a rainstorm yet can be plucked so easily from the ground they secure themselves … Continue reading Bookmarks

She’s got this. She always has.

They look at her, tired, rugged, worn down. All she knows is that she has persevered. They put expectation on her... " You should ask for help when you need it, I'm here." They don't see that history has unfortunately left its' mark on her already. No one has ever truly been there. Words are … Continue reading She’s got this. She always has.

Always More Than Yesterday

She gets lost along the outline of the sunset How it fades away to the contours of the darkness The glowing of the moon She embraces how differently the air smells air within the dead of night The cool wind caresses gently The world is softer, her world is calmer She gets lost in the … Continue reading Always More Than Yesterday

A Mind Already Made

Pin me to the wall Stretch me higher with your cords Cast down your judgement upon me And yet my feet will still touch the floor Perhaps too late I did ask Perhaps too late I decided to stand tall Perhaps too late…but you never asked me at all Noise so loud against broken ear … Continue reading A Mind Already Made

New Nation

We cry, we mourn The nation reborn New York has our pity, as the skies rain ash America had stopped, our reality crashed Tears were shed, hearts were broken Many people went unspoken We lost, we gained, many things changed Now we strive to be the same At once a tragedy, we sought for a … Continue reading New Nation

A Grander Tomorrow

We made mistakes yesterday and we will make mistakes tomorrow. We have reasons to laugh, to cry, to scream, and to love. We have cared too little and we have cared to much. Yesterday might have been the hardest struggle of your life but tomorrow could be worse. Or it could be better. It could … Continue reading A Grander Tomorrow

Wish Not

Regrets will float and dissipate to mere logical reminders. Decisions will be made beyond the heart's desire. And to that a fool would only live. For only upon the strands of laughs and tears do our dreams meet our fate. But regrets are none. Hearts are won. And memories are fond. Our lives wish not … Continue reading Wish Not