Life On His Harley

Sun-kissed shoulders and wind blown hair... It's all I will ever need...on the back of his Harley. Eyes closed tight and outstretched arms...worries upon the wind. Tires to the pavement and friends close to the heart... Life on a Harley. ♥ Written by Tammy Lee March 15, 2014

Beautiful Eyes

Sometimes the feeling you try the hardest to avoid, end up being the ones you cannot ignore What if you don't want a repeat of the hurt you've felt before, but that one person that makes your heart jump? Something happens and the doubt is gone as if the heart was never torn. Is it … Continue reading Beautiful Eyes

Wildly Calm

Confined, small spaces I'm screaming to let go Neat and tidy Everything in a row I want to be free, wild A mess in all eyes A young girl untamed A rough ride A tough soul Hold on, don't fall behind, catch up Adrenaline pumping, the crave of a rush Soft whispers in tangled covers … Continue reading Wildly Calm

A Simple Place

Light falls, leaving darkness to rise Turning day sweetly into the night The moon shining so bright, deep within the sky More stars than numbers, far too many to recognize And past the stars, the planets, against all time There is a place we all want Past the milky way and the galaxies on end, … Continue reading A Simple Place

Darkened Dweller

I brought war to peace I am the reason angels have fallen I live in the shadows, I'm the one callin' The nightmare to your mind The dreams of the insane It's all because of me, so hear my pleas Together, held tight I hold both good and evil The pure and true words of … Continue reading Darkened Dweller

Reality of a Dream

You laughed, you cried, trying to pass the time by Courage in yourself, as others took to pity Your life had stopped, tears you should, amends you made together, you shall never the same forever changing, forever new nothing shall be of the world you once knew so early, so late it seemed as far … Continue reading Reality of a Dream

Watching, Waiting

Upon a thousand islands, across a million seas I shall be there for you Watching, waiting, upon an eagle's wing It's love that brings me to you It's never-ending, though it's never seen Like a scent, flowing through the breeze, of silk and lavender Reminding one of a twisted nights pleasure It's love that binds … Continue reading Watching, Waiting

Mystic Of Your Mind

They asked who I was, so I told them I am the power The Light I can make the sunset and the moon rise The every beat of your heart is my command The words of the insane The world of chaos Both within the gentle grasp of my reach I'm the dawn of a … Continue reading Mystic Of Your Mind