Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist

Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist I’ve debated for the last three years on whether or not I should share this on my blog. It may be the most personal writing [and longest] that I have and will ever share. Do I allow myself to become that vulnerable? My only thought is that by sharing … Continue reading Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist

Quarantine Madness and Quarantine “Resolutions”?

I'm not here to talk about Covid-19, politics, or whether or not I agree with the hysteria, bulk stocking, or reasons behind quarantine and social distancing. BUT... I am playing this fun little quarantine game with myself of "Quarantine Resolutions." Similar to the "New Year’s Resolutions" everyone makes for themselves.What does that mean? Basically, I … Continue reading Quarantine Madness and Quarantine “Resolutions”?

Forever, Humanity within the human.

I find myself pondering the deeper meaning of my own humanity, the meaning and value that I add not to this world, but to those that I surround myself with. The traits that uniquely belong to me and the morals to which I hold. I wonder how much my life has measured up to the … Continue reading Forever, Humanity within the human.

Where do we apply our effort?

Have you ever sat back and watched people at work and thought…”If you put as much effort into doing your responsibilities as you did in trying to avoid them, you would be a top performer?” I have. Of course my brain went a step further on this and I couldn’t help but apply the same … Continue reading Where do we apply our effort?

Minimalizing Yourself

How often do we minimalize ourselves for the sake of those around us? We have this constant nagging voice in our heads that remind us not to be boastful, arrogant, or conceded. But when does that start impacting our confidence and our ability to take pride in our lives, our achievements, and our work? We … Continue reading Minimalizing Yourself


“No one has ever asked my permission before they made a decision in their own life. You have to do what is right and best for you.’ -My mother It is interesting to me that as children, teenagers, and young adults we fight for the freedom and the right to make our own life decisions. … Continue reading Permission

The Best Power in a Powerful World

In a world where tact is the best power to have in a powerful world, I find myself more frequently encountering individuals that want to be combative instead of cooperative. They lack tact and therefore, lack class. How do you survive? How do I survive? What do you do when that behavior and line of … Continue reading The Best Power in a Powerful World

Proud of…Who do you think you are?

It took me a long time to realize that life is too short. Life is too short to do certain things, worry about certain people, and to let someone else run your life. I don't mean physically run your life. Life is too short to let anyone that thinks they are helping you, to influence … Continue reading Proud of…Who do you think you are?