Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist

Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist I’ve debated for the last three years on whether or not I should share this on my blog. It may be the most personal writing [and longest] that I have and will ever share. Do I allow myself to become that vulnerable? My only thought is that by sharing … Continue reading Her Story; Recovering From a Narcissist

Slipping and Sliding

A true story dedicated to my sister, Tara, in remembrance of a time that was so much simpler than the moments that life has now grown to be. Heavy boots sunk deep into the winter's first snow as my sister and I trudged our way through the ten acres of yard behind our home. Frostbite was … Continue reading Slipping and Sliding

An Altered Reality

Such a noisy thing, silence can be. It overwhelms the mind and it's a mild cause for ice blue hues to glance around in a nervous manner. It was the quickening of my heart, to pump so hard in a failed attempt. I knew what was coming next. I wouldn't survive. I wouldn't move on. … Continue reading An Altered Reality