She’s got this. She always has.

They look at her, tired, rugged, worn down. All she knows is that she has persevered. They put expectation on her... " You should ask for help when you need it, I'm here." They don't see that history has unfortunately left its' mark on her already. No one has ever truly been there. Words are … Continue reading She’s got this. She always has.

Alone Is Not Lonely

When does alone cross the line into lonely? The definition of alone is “having no one else present” or to be “on one’s own.” The definition of lonely is “sad because one has no friends or company” or “without companions.” So when do you know that you go from having no one else present to … Continue reading Alone Is Not Lonely

Washing Away 2018 in the Shower

Let go of who you were and embrace who you are. Wash it all away in the shower.