One of The Good Ones

She belonged with that mic and the guitar strings at her fingertips. She belonged right where she was in that café singing music that brought her peace even if her nerves were shaking her to her core. She belonged in her own skin, with her own thoughts, with the people that surrounded her. That listened … Continue reading One of The Good Ones

Forever, Humanity within the human.

I find myself pondering the deeper meaning of my own humanity, the meaning and value that I add not to this world, but to those that I surround myself with. The traits that uniquely belong to me and the morals to which I hold. I wonder how much my life has measured up to the … Continue reading Forever, Humanity within the human.

Slipping and Sliding

A true story dedicated to my sister, Tara, in remembrance of a time that was so much simpler than the moments that life has now grown to be. Heavy boots sunk deep into the winter's first snow as my sister and I trudged our way through the ten acres of yard behind our home. Frostbite was … Continue reading Slipping and Sliding