Alone Is Not Lonely

When does alone cross the line into lonely? The definition of alone is “having no one else present” or to be “on one’s own.” The definition of lonely is “sad because one has no friends or company” or “without companions.” So when do you know that you go from having no one else present to … Continue reading Alone Is Not Lonely

Washing Away 2018 in the Shower

Let go of who you were and embrace who you are. Wash it all away in the shower.

Where do we apply our effort?

Have you ever sat back and watched people at work and thought…”If you put as much effort into doing your responsibilities as you did in trying to avoid them, you would be a top performer?” I have. Of course my brain went a step further on this and I couldn’t help but apply the same … Continue reading Where do we apply our effort?

Minimalizing Yourself

How often do we minimalize ourselves for the sake of those around us? We have this constant nagging voice in our heads that remind us not to be boastful, arrogant, or conceded. But when does that start impacting our confidence and our ability to take pride in our lives, our achievements, and our work? We … Continue reading Minimalizing Yourself


“No one has ever asked my permission before they made a decision in their own life. You have to do what is right and best for you.’ -My mother It is interesting to me that as children, teenagers, and young adults we fight for the freedom and the right to make our own life decisions. … Continue reading Permission

I was raised by a champion.

I am thankful for how I was raised. My mom raised me to allow people in my life because I wanted them there, not because I needed them. Family, friends, bosses, lovers, significant others, strangers that became family. Anyone. Everyone. It was an unspoken lesson. She never said the words out loud but she taught … Continue reading I was raised by a champion.

The Best Power in a Powerful World

In a world where tact is the best power to have in a powerful world, I find myself more frequently encountering individuals that want to be combative instead of cooperative. They lack tact and therefore, lack class. How do you survive? How do I survive? What do you do when that behavior and line of … Continue reading The Best Power in a Powerful World

Always More Than Yesterday

She gets lost along the outline of the sunset How it fades away to the contours of the darkness The glowing of the moon She embraces how differently the air smells air within the dead of night The cool wind caresses gently The world is softer, her world is calmer She gets lost in the … Continue reading Always More Than Yesterday

Not Allowed to Rest

You know those times where you are busy from the moment you wake up until you don't even realize that you have fallen asleep? That has been me for the last two weeks. I find myself finally falling in to the rhythm of my day-to-day but then every time, something throws a wrench right in … Continue reading Not Allowed to Rest

Midnight Run

Last night. The rain poured, lightening flashed across the sky… It was beautifully chaotic and powerful, yet remained so in control of itself, of everything that surrounded it. She waited, she waited to hear the piercing crack against the darkness yet it was forever kept from her ear drum. Not tonight, dear one. Not tonight … Continue reading Midnight Run